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Eguzki printzak (Sunbeams), is the continuation of the artistic project "Argi distirak" (Light Flashes) that, was born as a plastic and aesthetic questioning and a reflection point of a poetry of the Basque author Gabriel Aresti in whose verses he said "the light is not seen, the wind is not aired, the water is not wet". Light apparently invisible and colorless to the human eye and creator of visibility. In this project you can see bursts of light that have invaded my habitat for several months taking possession of it. Bursts that vary according to the time of day, the weather conditions and the objects around them (cars, streetlights, houses...); bursts that, like a mirror, first collect the events in space, and then deform in their being to be reflected in the photograph. Apparently unreal landscapes of light, hidden in our optical perception, but real in the opening and closing of the camera's shutter.