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Eguzki printzak (Sunbeams) 2012

Eguzki printzak (Sunbeams) is the continuation of the artistic project Argi distira (Light Gleams), which arises as an aesthetic, plastic questioning and reflexion point of a poem by the Basque author Gabriel Aresti, which states that “light cannot be seen”. The light, apparently invisible and colorless to the human eye, as the creator of visibility.

In this project, there can be seen gusts of light that have been invading my habitat for months and have taken over it. Beams that would vary according to the time of the day, the weather conditions, and the objects around them (cars, streetlights, houses...); gusts which, as a mirror, first gather what is happening in the space, and they later get deformed in their state so as to be mirrored in the photography. Apparently unreal light-scapes, hidden in our optical perception, which become real in the opening and closing of the shutter of the camera.