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Gorreri bisuala (Visual deafness)

This book is part of the artistic project Gorreri bisuala, which deals with minority languages with Basque as the main axis, as a study and as a tool, and in which other languages such as Galician, Asturian, Aragonese, Occitan-Aranese and Catalan, among others, are also present. From a formal point of view, it deals with historical aspects that explain in some way the situation in which Euskera finds itself today, as well as some sociolinguistic aspects such as administrative borders, linguistic prejudices, etc. This publication brings together in images many of the works of the Gorreri bisuala art project, creating a narrative reading where images and texts complement each other without being explanations of each other. Five authors have participated in the book and each has written in his or her own language: the historian Xabier Irujo, the linguists Jordi Suïls Subirà, Xosé-Henrique Costas, Mª Pilar Benítez Marco and the historian and art critic Haizea Barcenilla. All the texts have also been translated into Basque, Spanish and English.