Zantzu Onerako Leihoak

Individual exhibition at CEART, Cento de Arte Tomás y Valiente in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. From 16th May to 4th June 2019


“(…) The space that protects and embraces us can also become the one that imprisons us. It imposes limits on us, which, more than physical, can also become mental. From this arises, perhaps, the need to cross the invisible walls by means of light, to overcome this ambit, in order to, in some way, convert it into unlimited space (…).

(…) Windows, besides filtering the border between the exterior and the interior, produce changes through the effect of light. In fact, in closed rooms, time neither moves forward nor backward: the intensity of the light, the time of day, the state of feelings are maintained. On the other hand, the light that invades us through the windows forces us to pass through (…)”. Haizea Barcenilla.

The impossibility of seeing human life through my windows has led me to create an imaginary. Window as a metaphor of liberation and curiosity. Windows as a call to leave the house and go out to the street, where another type of life and learning also stimulates.

Therefore, in this work, I establish a relationship between the interior and exterior spheres, since separation is inevitable, and that is that the landscape overflows from the windows to invade the space. Inside or outside, we do not know, this is open to the imagination. The windows abandon their supports, the walls, the opacity and leave life in the open. No barriers. Free.